In all steps of the project realization there are different risks to be considered by the owner of the biogas plant. As an experienced project developer and general contractor, we are offering turnkey solutions to ensure the functionality of the biogas plant. After proving the performance of the biogas plant we ensure the transition into the daily operation depending on the local requirements. By choosing the right local partners we are taking high priority in combining proven technologies with local content to offer the best solutions for our clients and partner.

Earth-, Civil-, Road-, Foundation and Silo Plant Works

Every technical installation requires an optimal foundation on what its built. According to this approach we examine the ground and do a complete evaluation of the on-site conditions. Thus, we are executing the following services:

  • Ground movements of all kinds
  • Founding of tanks and technical equipment
  • Foundations for tanks and all further technical installations
  • Wege- und Straßenbau auf dem Baugelände
  • Fahrsiloanlagen

Electrical Engineering, Measurement and Control Technology

All biogas plants built and operated by us are equipped with the most modern control technology for measuring and monitoring all relevant processes. Our control - services include the following points:

  • Cabling
  • Measurement of media parameters such as pressure, temperature, volume etc.
  • Protection of electrical systems
  • Process control and visualization
  • Disturbance and reporting

Pump, Agitator and Dosing Technology

Due to proven technology, the substrates can be processed efficiently throughout the entire process chain to guarantee an optimal biogas yield. Components which meet the respective requirements include:

  • Solid matter disperser
  • Substrate-mix pump
  • Cavity pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Long shaft mixers
  • Submersible mixers

Tank Construction and Biogas Coverage

The core of every biogas plant and its biochemical processes are the biodigesters with the following main components:

  • Bottom plate
  • Precast steel concrete tank or steel/stainless steel tank
  • Equipment for Biodigester such as e.g. Heating pipes, doors, etc.
  • Coatings
  • Biodigester coverage made up of reinforced concrete or gas foil roof as gas storage

In order to ensure an optimum gas production proven gas storage device are essential for o flexible operation of the biogas plant:

  • Double membrane carrying air roof
  • Center support Load for the cover

Pipeline Construction and Media Technology

The different media to be transported ranges from liquid manure to air or biogas. Thereby, each medium differentiates itself in terms of high demands to the performance of their processing facilities. The following services are included:

  • Pipeline for manure and substrate
  • Gas pipes
  • Condensate lines
  • Water pipes
  • Heating pipes
  • Compressed air pipes and corresponding technical systems and fittings

Gas utilization facility

Tailor-made components for gas utilization allow maximum quantities of energy carriers released in the biogas process. The biogas yield is project individually derived from the local preconditions.
Internal heat and electricity usage as well as appropriate gas feed in facilities are key drivers for a optimal operation of the biogas plant. Facilities for energy carriage are:

  • Manure and substrate pipes
  • Gas pipes
  • Kondensat­leitungen,
  • Condensate lines
  • Water pipes
  • Heating cables
  • Compressed air lines and corresponding technical systems and fittings

Steel Construction

To guarantee the operational management and monitoring of all relevant processes specific media to access certain areas of the biogas plant are needed:

The media consists of enclosures for pumps, measuring technology, control rooms and further workplaces. Additionally, accessibility via stairs, platforms and ladders must be always possible. The steel construction behind these media are indispensable for complying to all safety regulation.

Secondary Construction Works

From the start of the construction fence until commissioning and handing over of keys we are assuring a reliable transition in all construction and operation phases.
Every construction consists of a dedicated project management in conjunction with permanent on-site construction management.
We are coordinating all services and expectations for our customers in constant collaboration with sub-contractors, authorities and all further relevant third parties.

Commissioning and Built – Operate Transfer

The final success of single trades or the turnkey construction of a biogas plant depends on the final functionality of the plant.
The period of commissioning is vital to assure a fluent built-operate transfer. During this phase the work staff is trained, all documentation is handed over and the biogas plant and all single installations are turned into full operation. Once the biogas plant is in full operation our after-sale service provides our clients with experienced employees to help and advice in all steps of the operational management.

The realized biogas plant project is summarized by the following services:

  • Setting of optimal operating parameters
  • Performance Run
  • Built-Operate – Transfer
  • Training of Service staff