We consider ourselves as a complete supplier in the field of biogas and offer dedicated solutions for the permanent operation of biogas plants. We rely on our service staff who are trained in-house and combine more than 20 years of biogas industry experience. We apply proven techniques for a reliable operation of biogas plants taking into considerations that every new erected plant is also relying on a competent on-site service staff. Depending on the project realization we are considering the specific needs of our clients providing reliable solutions for the long-term operation of the biogas plant.

Commercial Management

  • Evaluation of offers
  • Processing of incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Weekly, monthly and annual reporting
  • Support in substrate negotiations
  • Support for cost optimization
  • Advise to all relevant insurance policies

Technical Management

  • Provision of service engineers for daily operation
  • Continuous loading of the biogas plant with substrates
  • Daily documentation and process monitoring
  • Receipt and delivery (substrates, digestate, etc.)
  • Maintenance and repair (cleaning, change of supplies and consumables)
  • Assistance in compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Supervision of repair work

Technical Support

  • Remote access and control to the biogas plant
  • Biological sampling of the substrate and examination
  • Creation of loading plans
  • Customization and optimization of process settings

Technical Service

  • Use of service technicians for repair and maintenance work
  • Capturing of damage patterns and rating for repair needs