Each location is unique – that’s how we consider the design, structuring and planning of biogas projects. Depending on country-specific conditions, local availability of biomass and the infrastructural integration of the biogas plant - every project development starts with the capturing of site-specific information. In our biogas projects we focus to convert biogas by installing cogeneration units to generate electricity and heat. Otherwise, biogas can also be upgraded into storable biomethane first to be stored in the natural gas grid to be then used as CO2 – neutral fuel for the transportation sector or for heat and power generation.

We rely on an interdisciplinary team which provides all the project-relevant solutions and conditions to be fit into the diverse expectations of our clients. Starting with the development of an individualtechnical and economic concept we continue after client’s approval to prepare all documents for authorities, financial institutions and the final start of the erection period.

Contact & Project Capture

  • Collection of all relevant data and personal meeting with the client

Check of all site conditions

  • Evaluation of the collected data (substrates, animal stock etc.) by experienced project engineers
  • Examination of property and location
  • Evaluation of existing infrastructure
  • First contact with authorities and institutions
  • energy feed-in possibilities and capacities

Examination of legal frameworks

  • Review of tariff system, energy marketability and their requirements and conditions